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For most of my life, I hoped to develop an outlet for my creative energy.  I tried to play the piano.  I can’t play the piano.  I tried to play the Bass.  I can’t play the Bass.  I can’t draw.  A stick figure is about all that I can do.  But, in school I always got A’s in wood shop and metal shop.  I was handy, but not as artistic as I’d like to be.

Then something happened.  I was forced to live on my own for the first time in 13 years.  It was a blessing.  It enabled me to create a space that was uniquely my own.  I didn’t have a plan.  All I had was my faith that if I stuck to the stuff that I loved, I knew my place would be cool.

This journey was the start of something big.  I found many pieces at Ikea, Thrift Stores, Dumpsters and Goodwill.  Most importantly, I found me again.  My artistic exploration helped me discover a passion for design and home furnishings.   It is my passion that led me to create Thrift Store Remix dot Com.

ThriftStore ReMixoLogy :::: The intersection where Funki Artists :::: Thrift Store Divas :::: Dumpster Divers ::::   MERGE!

ReMixoLogy is a lifestyle, an ethos, a gift and an emerging form of functional and artistic expression.  ReMixOlogy is difficult to define.    Art merges with recycle, freestyle, thriftstore goods, community salvage and dumpster diving into a unique and interesting visual, textural artistic experience.  We refer this kewl art form as ThriftStoreReMixoLogy.

Our Artistists are referred to as ReMixoLogists

ReMixoLogists add their unique personal artistry and flair to found objects (dumpster diving), items dug up on Craigslist, thrift store finds and so on.  The allure and challenge is to use the artistic process (and a ton of patience) to remix or repurpose these items into functional art.
ThriftStore ReMixoLogy is about you, we’d get a kick out of building a community of ReMixOLogists who believe that art and thrift store discoveries are so JUICY!.

Please email us your remixed projects, remixing techniques, dumpster diving ideas or thrift store shopping strategies.   We need your ideas, input and feedback to build a strong RemixOlogy Community.


Derrick Douglass :::: Chief Remixologist


Follow ThriftStoreRemix on Twitter

Follow ThriftStoreRemix on Twitter


Creative Commons License

ThriftStoreRemixDotCom is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 United States License.

Based on a work at thriftstoreremix.wordpress.com.


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