:::: iKea BasKEt Table :::: Thrift Store Remix :::: by Derrick Douglass


Derrick Douglass

Derrick Douglass

iKea Basket Table

July 02.2010
By Derrick Douglass :::: ChiefRemixOlogist


:::::::::::: The ReMix

I literally stumbled upon a new Thrift Store while on an errand.  When I saw the basket, I had to have it.

It was unique (I LOVE UNIque) and it was cheap.  It came at the right time.  I was searching for table to put in my front porch.

This was  a simple but messy remix.  First, I put two stains on the basket.  Staining can be messy, but FUN!  I used two coat because it will be placed outside.  The sun is sure to try to tear it apart.  I’ll put a new coat on it every year.

Second, I found a clear glass top, my wife had.  Done.

Look at how good it looks.  🙂

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Please click here to view all project pictures (Total pictures = 8)

Please click here to view all project pictures (Total pictures = 8)


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