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Derrick Douglass

Derrick Douglass

The Legacy Continues, In Me

by Derrick Douglass

May 10.2011

Charles Wilson said, “Jessica B. Harris’s book, ‘High on the Hog: A Culinary Journey from Africa to America’, is a sweeping yet intimate view of food in African American life and the profound influence of blacks on American food culture.”

Ms. Harris’s book takes the reader on a rich culinary journey from pre-colonial Africa to present day America.  Her literary prowess informs her readers of the African and African-American foodways that have economically, culturally and socially benefitted America.

In her book, Mr. Harris, teaches us that slaves had to be resourceful.  They created meals from foods normally discarded.  Foods like neck bones and fatback were once considered highly undesirable.  But to a slave who had little time and financial resources, they had to survive on what was available.  Survive they did!

High on the Hog, has increased my understanding and appreciation of my ancestors.  Because of them, I have opportunities they did not have.  Most importantly, my ancestors proudly remind me that my creative expression a part of a legacy that began centuries ago and will continue after I am gone.  It is my hope my work motivates, inspires and encourages our generation and those yet to come.

Take care and god bless you.

Derrick Douglass :::: ChiefRemixOlogist

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