Spring has Sprung :::: Thrift Store Remix by Derrick Douglass

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Derrick Douglass

Derrick Douglass

Spring has Sprung

by Derrick Douglass

Mar 20.2010

Spring has sprung.  It was a balmy 70 degrees in Atlanta and it was so nice to be out.  I was so nice to get out and meet new faces, especially those who are interested in interior design.

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I met Debra, the “Save the Date for Spring DecoratingMeetup organizer, at The Daily Ground in Marietta, GA.  Her ginormous smile let me know that I’d met a kindred spirit.  We talked about our backgrounds.  I told her that I started to decorate and design furnishings after my divorce.Additionally, I let her know that I’m slowly building my personal brand.  One day I hope to transform my hobby into a thriving business.

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Debra loves interior design.  She is a hobbyist at heart and loves to design just for fun.  Debra decorates her home and her husband stays out of her way.  Like me, her tastes are somewhat eclectic.  Debra’s decorating style is modernist and contemporary sprinkled with a dash of classic and early American.  Debra remixed her kitchen paying special attention to color.

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At the meeting close, I walked her through the design principles of some of my projects that included Jerry GarciA’S DARK star, PUsH PIN ConSpIrAcy, DiSSed DisTResseD BOX, Laptop CoOling Pad and CoKedUp CoASteR.I look forward to the next Home Decor Meetup

Derrick Douglass :::: Chief Remixologist

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