WeLcoMe To ThriftStoreRemix :::: Thrift Store Remix by Derrick Douglass

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Derrick Douglass

Derrick Douglass


by Derrick Douglass

Jul 14.2010

ThriftStore ReMixoLogy :::: is the transformation of used furniture by a ReMixOLogist who adds their unique personal artistry and flair to the piece.   Additionally, ReMixOlologists rEeMiXs seemingly unrelated items to create one of a kind home furnishings.

Furniture and items are purchased at thrift stores, found in dumpsters, bought at Home Depot, dug up on Craigslist or simply found by the side of the road (no kidding!).

The result is a newly created, unique piece that is ascetically appealing  and cool to check out.


ThriftStore ReMixoLogy is about you, we’d get a kick out of building a community of like minded folks (ReMixOLogists) who believe that art and thriftstore discoveries are great.


Please send us your stuff.  If you have pictures, a website or a story you’d like to share, add a comment or hit us up at email :::: thriftstoreremix@yahoo.com

Peace and good vibrations :::::: ThriftStoreRemix

Derrick Douglass :::: Chief Remixologist

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ThriftStore Remix

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Based on a work at thriftstoreremix.wordpress.com.


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