:::: Faith and Hope :::: A Thrift Store Remix by Derrick Douglass


Derrick Douglass

Derrick Douglass

Faith and Hope

July 02.2010
By Derrick Douglass :::: ChiefRemixOlogist


:::::::::::: The ReMix

I love my wife.  I am proud of my wife.  We met at grad school and she blew me away.  She is smart. She is kind. She is beautiful.

I still don’t know how I got so lucky.  MAN oh MAN!

She received a free HUGE graduation picture when she achieved her undergraduate.  The photographer thought she was so beautiful her picture was used to in his sales portfolio.  This is why she received the huge picture.

I purchased the frame from Goodwill Industries.  It was white.  I painted it black.  Next I cut a pillow case and glued it onto the pictures backing.  Lastly, I glued the picture onto the pictures backing.

How do you like it?

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Please click here to view all project pictures (Total pictures = 5)

Please click here to view all project pictures (Total pictures = 5)


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2 Responses to :::: Faith and Hope :::: A Thrift Store Remix by Derrick Douglass

  1. Lisa Miqueli says:

    You did an awesome job with that! I love the pillowcase fabric, it’s beautiful….a beautiful frame for a beautiful woman!

    • Hey Lisa,

      I appreciate your positive comment. Yanice, my wife is a beautiful woman. I am very attracted to her! The project you see is just the start. In the coming, months, I will add Yanice’s, diplomas and her other important documents. I want the project to be a celebration of Yanice’s accomplishments. At the center, is her graduation picture. Faith and Hope hover above and below her picture. Eventually, her other accomplishments will flank her picture in a unique and cool manner. I am so proud of Yanice.

      Derrick Douglass

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